We are always looking for ways to improve our systems
and processes to better serve you and your
customers. Sometimes, this leads us to make significant
changes. Based on an in-depth review, we have decided
to retire the system known as CHANNEL PORTAL.
We are shifting some of our internal resources to create
and test a replacement portal. The replacement portal will
lay the foundation for a more robust “Channel Portal” with
new, exciting, and valuable functionality for you, your
teams, and your customers.
We will retire the CHANNEL PORTAL in phases. The first
phase will take place on July 23rd and will remove the
ability to create new and renewal deals via the portal.
After July 23rd, you should send all of your pricing requests
to channelsales@gexaenergy.com or
channelsales@nexteraenergyservices.com and they will be
worked in a timely manner by our sales team.
You will be able to complete any deal that is in process
on& after July 23rd as long as that deal is executed in
Channel Portal by 5:00 PM CST on August 15th.
All remaining portal functionality will stay active until we
determine an appropriate phase-out date. We will
provide another update when this date is known.
July 10, 2019